Themes or sub-subjects within the topic of 'Coming of Age'


Memories, the past events, melancholy moments which are thoughts that brings joy but also sadness. Objects (meaningful purpose for example, a teddy bear)


School, playground, games, friends, classroom, picnics, family events.

Youth and Adolescence 

Escapism, rebellion for example, illegal activities: drugs, unprotected sex, alcohol, teenage pregnancy. Friendship, love, first love: bond, relationship and trust. Education, additional hobbies and club activities.

Freedom : Movement

 Sports (extreme sports), dancing, travelling.  

Fantasy and Dreams

Ambitions, science fiction: under/outer world, space. Delusional thoughts, fantasising ideal situations, and dangerous (abnormal) obsessions.


Bullying, divorce, personal family issues, death, mental wellbeing, abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction, physical fights.  


 Anxiety, mental illnesses, pressure (from society or education), insecurities, self confidence issues. Obesity, anorexia, body shaming, gender and sexism. 


Innocence, purity, culture, identity, isolation, chronic loneliness, self-confidence.

Primary Research


  Interviews: Transcriptions of Interviewees (Anonymous):


Interviewee 1: 'Counsellor'
Age: 18
Gender: Female 
Country: China

So..what is..oh. I think what is with the your favourite song album of all time that's nostalgic to you? I guess we and why what we've touched upon uhmm..did you want to say anything more? 

Yeah sure. Uhm for the first three songs, I've already told you which ones.

Favourite Album:

Vices and Virtues - Panic! at the Disco : deals with human relationships and loss. 

Favourite song:

Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off - Panic! at the Disco : about a guy who got cheated by on his girlfriend of 3 years, lyrics made me realise the seriousness of human relationships. 

They are nostalgic to me because compared to the songs that I listened to in more recent years, it was when I was completely ignorant about..uhm human relationships and taking other people's existence in a consideration and, in a sense I'm glad to have learnt what I have now but at the same time I..associate these songs with good memories despite my ignorance was, a lot easier to deal with uhm.

And I listened to when I was 16-18, I listen to the songs I did because they were the songs that I found when I was going through hard times and when I really paid attention to the lyrics it opened my eyes to a lot of the things and it also impacted the work I make as a art student because sometimes you can tell by..the lyrics that, wow this singer and this artist's has gone through probably gone through worse to similar things.

And it really feels like, you connect with them and you really, you can really respect them because they portrayed it so beautifully in a piece of art work and I think it's a very difficult and brave thing to do, to..put these difficulties experiences in you know, a simple but simultaneously complex piece of art. 

So..yeah, do you think you’ve experienced first love or love and when?

I don't really know, if it can be called love, but I've had...uhm two relationships that have really changed uhm my outlook on life and people and myself and the person and the first time was I was 13. 

So basically the first one, was when I was 13..and I was, I just began high school and I had met a friend of a friend and err at the time, it was really life changing for me. 


I got bullied a lot in primary school and people didn't even want to look at me or like touch me or go anywhere near me.

So uhm when I had someone who accepted me in that way uhm I thought that's amazing.

I never thought, I never thought someone know, treat me like a normal person. 

Oh I see.

Let alone, be that close with me.

Oh ok

Uhm..yeah, but the second time was relatively recent, so not going to go in that much detail. Because it was..

How old were you?

Umm I was, I began when I was 15..and then went on for about three years and uhm..

So, oh sorry, if you don't mind me asking, for the first relationship how long was that?

Uhm..that was half a year. 

Ah ok. 

The second was especially life changing for me because..long story short I found that just how far you would push yourself if you really admired someone and I found what it meant to really appreciate someone and that uhm, to appreciate someone things just, nothing else matters aside from the person themselves and what kind of person they are, what you like about them, like.

As a human being uhm, and I think I found from there, that people tend to overcomplicate love.

The idea of love and what it is, but it's really a lot simpler than you think and, surprisingly sometimes it can have a very heavy impact on you and, in that relationship, uhm at that time, I experienced uhm, moments made me realise when, a person didn't feel the same way or...uhm yeah, it just...

Oh sorry what do you mean..


When someone feels the same way, as in was it, are you touching on uhh the moment when you decided to go your own separate ways? Is that what it means? 

Not so much. I'm trying to give as much information as I can whilst keeping things like private.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. That fine. don't, you don't, if you..the question I ask is something you don't wanna say then you can just be like..

No, no, no. It's fine. Uhm.

Yeah, I respect privacy.

The second one was just especially...heavy for me because uhh, I found out how selfish a person can be like I found out how selfish I could be but at the same time I found out how, uhm self-less I could be if I really cared about someone.

It was a time where I found myself really racking my brains on how to appreciate a person and show them that way without saying it because there were some times when communication was very absent but I tried to reach out to the person even when they weren't reaching out to me.

Uhm..the same, the reverse was also experienced, but it was a lot of ups and downs in that one.

Uhm, it was during then that I found out how much tv shows really, really mis-represent gender roles in a relationship they, I feel like people gotten so use to the guy giving the girl flowers and everything like that and putting in all this effort.

To uhh please the audience's really none of that really matters the smallest things can really show how much you care..but yeah.


Uhm what is your most memorable moment in life and..what has it taught you? 

Uhm the most memorable moment was probably the second relationship that I talked about, and it's taught me a lot about what appreciation is and what effort in general it really is in general. It taught me a lot about self actualisation as well.

Have you experienced any radical moments of loss throughout your life or childhood?

Yeah. Uhm, not during childhood, but uhm, the biggest moment I had was right before I entered university. It was that second relationship and, was radical for me because it was a radical moment for loss for me because I had the biggest fall out ever.

And..when I was in high school, like or in middle school during those years I made a lot of friends, you could call them friends, but they were just companions that I happened to spend a lot of time with because we have the same classes and similar interests but I never really gave a shit about them like they were just there and we were just you know, we detain each other but that wasn't really...friendship.

So, as in, fake friends? Uhm..

Superficial I'd say, yeah. 

And in a sense, uhm what you say is would you define them as, basically people that were meaning or unmeaningful in your life?  

Yeah..and I realised uhm how important it is to, really isolate some things and see them for..the depth and the meaning they hold.

And to elaborate on this, it's basically, uhm..I don't know how to say this, sorry. Uhm, I'm rambling a little bit. 

Oh it's fine. Don't worry. No rush.

Sorry could you repeat that question again? in, Have you experienced any radical moments of loss throughout your life or childhood which you mentioned about before you went university and you had like a fall out with that second relationship but uhm, when you said that, uhm, it's's made you realise how important to see the meaningful..

Oh yeah, sorry sorry.

..what does that mean?

Uhm, was, it just made me realise how much I've been taking everything in life for granted, more than I ever expected I did and even then to...during my high school friends I did not give a shit about these people there because they were there. 


I realised how important it is to..uhm look at people each and every single one of them and, really, like if you're gonna do something to really care about it you know even uhm, surrounding yourself uhm finding the kind of people to surround yourself with.

And..yeah, I mean if you don't give a shit about something why do it? You might as well, you might as well...just not. 

I see. 

But at the same time it also taught me a lot about perseverance and if you really want something uhm, if you really want something you'd go for it and if you really cared about something it would change you for the better. Something or someone. People say don't change yourself for..uhm...

So it's uhm, a statement you don't agree one basically?

Yeah, they say don't change yourself or someone but I think if you really cared about something or someone it would naturally be, motivate you to change yourself for the better, for yourself and that thing, that thing or person.

So, you disagree that because, essentially, if you, if you were to do the opposite of what that statement said which is to, to change yourself for someone then, in a sense that change could be a good thing? Where it makes you better..


as a person...?

I just thought that statement was too black and white and you know, you should use your brain a little more when it comes to things like these. 

That', yeah. Thank you. 

No problem.

Interviewee 2: 'Cherry'
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Country: England

What is a album/song that is nostalgic to you and why?

Ok. Well I could say two songs, the first one is called 'Everything' by The Black Skirts and it's not a english song but Korean one but I heard it, I just came across it randomly on Youtube and then the second one is..a song I heard recently called called 'Time' by Pink Floyd.

'Heroes' by David Bowie was also something I heard in the past in a movie called 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' uhh which inspired me to start to do the project on coming of age.

Ok ok, second question, what your most or one of your memorable moments and what has it taught you?

Mmmhh, I couldn't really think of one but...maybe I would say when I had a trip to Rome with umm, it was like a art trip, uhm...


..and I guess It was uhm, quite memorable because I didn't really travel a lot, I did travel a lot when I was a child but, obviously at the time you don't really remember things and I'm just someone that has a short term memory in general.

So I didn't remember anything that much when I was travelling as a child but because this trip was recent..

So it's one of the most significant?


One of the trip that you...

That what makes it memorable.

..done recently?

Uhm, yeah what has it taught me?

Er so it taught me like uh because the city was really free, so in a sense it kind of felt like uhm, you're kind of escaping from reality which was really nice and I think it goes to show to me, what being young means, you can be free and you can do whatever you want in life. 

OK so, third question is do you think you’ve experienced first love or love, when and with this experience what makes u believe it is love?

So I would say no I haven't experienced a first love because I don't think first crushes or crushes in general is counted as a first love.

But I guess, I guess if I were to say when it comes to having a crush, like a first crush or crushes with someone like, that experience maybe it could that order to meet your first love you have to, you meet several other people before that, before you reach your first love. a sense, I believe that without those experiences you wouldn't be able to meet them kind of thing.

For example if you're in a relationship with someone and then you broke up with them but then after that, you found the one for you, if it wasn't for that, if it didn't happen at that exact time then you wouldn't meet that person, if you get what i mean.  

Yeah as in one leads to another, kind of thing...

Yeah, and like..

Maturity of your emotions..

It's fate, you meet the fateful one at the right time, yeah. So..

So you believe in destiny? 

Er yeah, I guess so! 

Ok I see, so the fourth question is what has love taught you about yourself? That could be in terms of self-love, family love, friendship or relationship.

Oh, I think love has taught me to appreciate people for who they are whether it's a friend, a family or...yeah if you're in a relationship, your partner and, you just kind of, you're grateful for...what..they do, like the things they do for you uhm...and you just uhm...I'm trying to say something that's similar to appreciating someone but not actually say that, this is kind of in like..

You acknowledge 

Yeah learn to care for someone really, that's I think that's..

Care and appreciates are different things..

Yeah I guess so, as in you really learn to keep someone close to you and you just learn to actually, genuinely, care for someone. The idea of trust, trust is important and being honest as well and I feel like without the love and support around you are the things that makes up happiness.

In a sense without that you wouldn't have any joy or..anything that you can uhmmm lean on, for support.

It's good to have love around you, it doesn't have to be like partner wise, can be like general love just good to have people there for you and know that their, they will be there. Long term.

What about self-love?

I think self love Is good because, that's the reason why I wanted to do this project.

In my previous projects I was touching on having a relationship with someone else and the idea of two people being one, but I feel as though this project gives me the opportunity to express the concept of having a relationship with yourself.

Self love is important because in the end, no matter who you interact with, friends or partner, you only have yourself.

You only rely on yourself, in life, only you can make your own decisions.

It's your responsibility, and basically, you''s just you and yourself so...uhm, it's good to embrace self love because It kind of makes sense as well...if you don't love yourself then, how do you expect people to love you and how do you expect to love someone else. So you have to like...

Since you don't have the ability to do that for yourself..

Yeah how can you expect that to be the same for others, it makes sense need to learn to accept who you are because that is important, if, if you're insecure then people aren't going to see the good qualities in you and that negativity leads to depression.

So it's good to, be aware and know who you are.

This is especially important, since there's society and media, those kind of things do impact you. For example, social media, so..uhm, yeah it's important to be, to stay genuine, humble and just...don't take things for granted in my opinion, is good. 

Ok so the fifth question is have you experienced any moments of loss throughout your childhood or life?

So, growing up I actually experienced conflict.

My parents were divorced and they still are and uhm, I think anyone that has experienced their parents being divorced know what it feels like.

Growing up and surrounded by conflict is quite, is something that's very negative, it a lot.

I think it is a radical moment because it's something that you will remember for a lifetime, well for me it is, it's a lifelong memory.

Experiencing two people that you love the most be separated, its hurtful.

So I think that would be a moment of loss and also, I was born and raised in east London, I didn't, I feel like, my culture where my parents were from, (Vietnam) I didn't get to really interact with the culture, even though I can speak the language fluently, I kind of felt like I was kind of losing my uhm, identity.

When you're in London, you'll know that it's a very diverse city so you're surrounded by a lot of people. So I would say, I went through a loss of culture and maybe a loss of innocence, because I was surrounded by all this conflict.

However, I's not so bad. There's many young teenagers that were bullied so what I went through was not as bad..I didn't go through such hardships uhm...but I think without the conflict of my parents' relationship I wouldn't be so, I wouldn't appreciate love for what it is now.

What I mean is general love..I guess I'm not an affectionate person.

I do show to my friends that I care by being interested in them and talking to them on a regular basis so...compared to people who experience conflict and carried that negativity on in their own lives, I decided to do so in the opposite being loving. So yeah..that's it.

Thank you.

Interviewee 3: 'Black Hole'
Age: 19
Gender: Female 
Country: China

Ok so, yeah the first question is what is a album/song that gives you a nostalgic feeling?

I have a few songs but..uhm, one of them I guess would be...Careless Whisper by George Michael. (WHAM!)

Err I think because at that time, that was one of the most, my...own sources of listening to English and and it was connected to my dad I guess and it was on his iPod shuffle, it's one of the song that..

Back in the day..

..I was kind of, not obsessed, but I liked it at the time.

Ok cool..What is your most or one of the memorable moments and what has it taught you?

Uhm..I think, it would be after a lot of different job applications and I didn't receive any responses from them.

After....a really long time, one of the job applicants came back to me and I did all the interviews by myself.

I was successful in the end, that really taught me, don't be sad that you don't get this opportunity in front of you because it could be that there's better ones out there after this opportunity, so that's why you didn't get this one.

So that's really what I learnt from this experience. 

Do you think you’ve experienced first love or love, when and with this experience what makes you believe it is love?

I don't think I've uhm..experienced, I've like someone enough to called love. I mean I wouldn't know because, maybe I did love someone but not actually know that I like..I mean love them in that sense. But, now I think I don't really, I don't really like anybody to the point where I could call..them, that I love no. 

Ok. What has love taught you about yourself? And this can, this doesn't have to be love specifically uhh with a relationship but it can be self-love, family love or love in terms of friendship.

Self love is probably to not take yourself too seriously, because if you do, it's like when people say negative things about you or they say good things about you, you take it too personally and you might get it in your head.

Even if it good, whether it's good or bad, it's still..not so good to keep it in your head so much.

That's what I think, don't take things too seriously.


And then..for parents are in their sense of approach.

I need to know when to let go, to let them (teenagers) try to discover themselves. Instead of trying to control every aspect of their life, you need to know when they have to make their own decisions.

Ok. And the last question is have you experienced any moments of loss throughout your childhood or life?


Interviewee 4: 'Mosquito'
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Country: England

What is your favourite album/song of all time that is nostalgic to you and why?

I couldn't say one album or song. I go through wild phases in what I listen to and thus each song has a very strong memory attached to it. To name any would be a disservice to the rest. If I had to choose one, it'd be 'Sticks 'n' Stones' by Jamie T and it's nostalgic because it reminds me of the childish energy and joy of my past.

What is your most or one of the memorable moments & what has it taught you?

I don't think there have been any moments like that. I think if I did have a memorable moment that taught me anything it would be being in a picturesque scene and being reminded how beautiful the world is.  

Do you think you’ve experienced first love or love, when and with this experience what makes u believe it is love?


What has love taught you about yourself? (can be gf, self love, friends or family)

I can't say that love has taught me anything about myself.

Have you experienced my radical moments of loss throughout your childhood or life?


Interviewee 5: 'Robert'
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Country: America

What is a album/song that is nostalgic to you and why?

There's this song I heard, from a band called Cigarettes After Sex in the Calvin Klein show...

What's it called?

It was...It's called 'K'.

I think for me, as long as the music is good, it just has to be good.

I don't care about the artist, if the music brings me emotions, the song is good. 

Why do you like this song?

I really like the melody and the lyrics and I knew this song because it's from Calvin Klein.

What is your most or one of the memorable moments in your life and what has it taught you?

I can't think about a certain memory, but I think everything in terms of new experiences has taught me a lot. 

Can you please give me an example?

For example, leaving New York and coming to London was the hardest decision I ever made.

But I came to London for the education, I know in the future no matter what, I want to go back to New York. 

Do you think you’ve experienced first love or love, when and with this experience what makes you believe it is love?

I think my first love is not considered a first love but it was the first time, I shared a certain emotion with that person. So I did not have any experience and I think that was more..a bit more than a friendship, I think...and I was just trying something new...and that taught me a lesson on how to love someone in the future.  

What has love taught you about yourself? This may involve a partner, self-love, friends or family love.

It has to cannot be selfish, it's like..communication, how to, how to..

How to what..?

..appreciate my partner and understanding my positivity and negativity...from a different perspective and a different person. 

Have you experienced any moments of loss throughout your childhood or life?

You know when I was in New York, I had some visa problems so I didnt go back to my country for five years, my entire puberty was, was sculpted by American culture.

So I was not close with my family and during the five years of that time I lost three people, including two family members. And one of them was a friend I met in New York City,, like, like the thing is I feel more sorry for my friend then my two family members.

Because they are from China? 

China and Korea, mainly Korean heritage but in China. The two family members were very old, quite elderly..but my friend was two to three years older than me (21/22), had cancer and was the first person in my age group that passed away, personally just..I don't know, more strong, gave me really strong feelings. 


What about loss mentally? Loss of innocence or loss of culture?

Probably, the idea of growing up in a culture that disagrees with personal expression, that still makes it challenging for me to fully expose my feelings in my artwork despite the language barrier. 

That's it, thank you for your time.

Interview Analysis

What did I gather from the interviews?

I think the order of my tasks was a mistake, the interviews should of been done after I did the research on what it was about coming of age i was interested about. This is because my interview questions would be more focused and provide a direction on what sub topic I would want to observe and analyse further. The reason why, I started off my research with primary sources, the interviews was to gain information and a general but broad insight on what young teenagers were interested in during the past and I was looking at the topic, ‘coming of age’ in a broad aspect: from first love to conflict, nostalgia and childhood. 

The interview was mainly focused on the idea and thoughts of first love and what other perceive what the meaning of love is. I feel that from this, people misunderstood that the project was about first love. I saw first love  as a potential subject which i could look at more in depth later on however, i wanted to address a topic which all teenagers experience and can relate to.

After interviewing many different interviewees, i realised that first love or the aspect of romantic love was something not everyone had or has experience on. Personally, I haven’t experienced first love or love and felt that focusing the project on something i don’t necessarily know a lot about would be ignorant. I thought of perhaps looking at the topic in a naive approach (maybe the idea of delusional love and fantasising about the love that is non existent and the innocence of it all) but I realised that focusing on the concept of being in a relationship with yourself rather someone else or others was more interesting.

I decided I'd look at the subject of first love or love anyways and still continue looking at the project in a broad approach in order to find what subject i would want to focus my research on. In addition to this, if i possibly did another segment on interviews with other interviewees but with more focused questions about the subject i'm look at specifically would be helpful. 

From the interviews, I could see there was lots of filmography references specifically on media and music. I thought for my sources of research, watching a few coming of age movies and listening to music which was targeted on youth (what teenagers listen to) could be interesting to look at. 



Perks of Being a Wallflower


Screenshot 2018-03-10 00.39.54 copy.png


based on the novel and film, directed by Stephen Chbosky | 2012



Socially awkward, shy and introvert teenager, Charlie is a wallflower who is always watching life from the sidelines. Until two charismatic senior students become his mentors and welcome him to the real world. Free-spirited Sam and her stepbrother, Patrick help Charlie discover the joys of: friendship, first love, and music whilst he survives the high school struggles of: depression, bullies, bad influences and girls. However, underlying problems from the past that trigger his mental illness causes Charlie to spiral out of control and his inner sadness threatens to shatter his newfound confidence.

 Screenshot 2018-03-10 00.37.22.png.1 perks-of-being-wallflower-featured.jpg.1


Film Analysis: 


Whilst growing up, 'Perks of Being a Wallflower' was a novel I read when I was a young teenager around about the age of 13 and is what inspired me to do the this project based on 'Coming of Age'. I included stills from the 'tunnel scene' specifically because I feel that even though the movie is not something extraordinary, i believe this particular movie scene is what makes it worth remembering.


The tunnel scene


Screenshot 2018-03-10 01.03.35.png Screenshot 2018-03-10 01.03.51.png Screenshot 2018-03-10 01.04.00.png

Character | Sam, one of Charlie's friends


For example, the action Sam standing on top of the van illustrates the idea of taking a risk 

makes meaningful.

Screenshot 2018-03-10 01.05.29.png Screenshot 2018-03-10 01.05.51.png Screenshot 2018-03-10 01.06.02.png

What is my purpose of watching coming of age movies?

The reason why I chose to watch coming of age movies is to try to capture the similarities and common themes or what messages the directors showcase to the audience. I think this is significant as the films are targeted on young teenagers and adults, a age group of 15-21 years old. I believe because of this factor, directors may purposefully illustrate relatable events and aspects that the viewers can understand and acknowledge. I perceive the media as a device that can impact young people's thoughts on their outlook of life. From this, I wanted to perhaps create my final outcome on something that can be relatable to many others, a experience that all young people go through, similar to the film directors.


Jewellery Design

Holly Mathewson

1granary_csm_central_saint_martins_holly_mathewson8.jpg 1granary_csm_central_saint_martins_holly_mathewson28.jpg

1granary_csm_central_saint_martins_holly_mathewson9.jpg 1granary_csm_central_saint_martins_holly_mathewson33.jpg

Collection: Maur | 2015

Holly has engaged profoundly in the study of memory culture: through wearable objects, she studies the way in which objects carry memory.

Her graduating project is a deeply personal re-working of garments that used to belong to her grandmother, whom Holly lost to cancer in the final year of her degree.

“Memory, relationships and emotions have had a core relation to my work. It is a massive part of my life, so it is always my first point of call for research in one way or another.”

Holly’s work is the proof of the materiality of memory, as stories and memories are embedded and accessed through garments. Holly remembers the experience as a grieving process: “It allowed me to see parts of my Nan I had forgotten,” explaining how she would discover long-lost pieces with a strong or clear memory attached to it.

Framed in beautiful metal, fragments of garments are re-appropriated and worn as deeply personal jewellery with an attached preciousness similar to that of traditional jewellery that is passed down through generations.

“The value, connotation, context and feeling can evoke changes, depending on the wearer. It’s all about the personal connection."

Jewellery Design

Muhua Chen

1467704556663.jpeg 1467704717920.jpeg

Collection: Taking A Trip Down Memory Lane | 2016

Puppet Hand Piece : Brass, Acrylic, Magnets, Stringing wire (left) 
Ballerina Hand Piece : Brass, Acrylic, Screws, Magnets (right) 

Muhua Chen’s graduate collection is a personal response to her childhood memories. Inspired by her collection of toys and the endless joy and amusement she had lost in the moment of make believe and play. The collection of six is designed around specific memories personal to her. She utilises a combination of solid brass with transparent acrylic to craft a delicate balance of playful, kinetic sculptures. Designed with the aim to delight and amuse the wearer and remind them to reminisce and ‘take a trip down memory lane’.

Fine Art

Ayham Jabr

Towards-The-Within-605x1024.jpg Rendez-Vous.jpg

Towards The Within                         Rendez Vous

What I find most intriguing about Jabr's 

Pink Tape - F(x)

Art Film | Videography

Shadow | 2013

Creative Director: Min Hee Jin


"Love exists but with an absence of eternity,
at the first moment of a lover's encounter there's an affirmation of love,
psychologically,lunacy,emptiness,panic,delusions of the moment will last forever,
i'm seized by desire.
I hide behind my back, and postpone all the answers."


 The statement in simpler terms:
Love is acknowledge as an act of reality when time, that feels eternal is missing once you meet you're unexpected partner you can accept that what you feel is love for them with open arms. 

Lyrics: English song translations

Every day, I secretly chase after your footsteps
I’m always careful so you won’t notice
No one says it but our date has started,
our own date 
Where are you going? Step by step, I follow you
Without a word, you lead me
Step by step, did you notice me?
I have nowhere to hide
When the sun rises, together with you
I walk in sync
I am really really into you
When the moon rises, in my arms
you fall asleep
I really really like you
Day by day, we resemble each other more and more
Your laughter and tears, I know it all
Don’t be scared, we’re a fate tied by the sun,
it’s our destiny to be together
The person in the mirror
is smiling with you, I don’t know
Underneath your feet,
without an expression, I hide behind you
The person in the mirror is shining
So I can get jealous of the smile the resembles you
I stick closer to you
and we are connected


The art film showcases a childish mentality of love through the narrative, the girl who has fallen in love and follows her loved one like a 'shadow'. I think this art film portrays the fantasy world through the "shadow" which willingly chooses to surround the lover's whereabouts. The shadow wants to stay in her fantasy world and fills her imagination of various scenarios of what it would be like to be with her lover. In the lyrics, where she states, "It's our destiny to be together / I stick closer to you and we are connected"
it suggest that she doesnt want to come back to reality and continue living in a creepy, daydream-y, topsy turvy world with her delusions and obsession that come with it. 
Mysterious vibe
 odd abnormal 
Projections over the girls skin : dreamlike state (illusion) 
Music box represents kid like childhood mentality, innocence, fantasise

Reference to:

Rene Magritte 

Screenshot 2018-02-25 15.18.57.png 
Image result for the lovers rene magritte

 The Lovers

Studio Album Photo Book | Photography








Creative Director: Min Hee Jin


The dreamy quality of the filter on the photos also accentuate their fantastical aesthetics, giving them almost a fairy-like appearance.

Fine art

Gillian Wearing

Fine art

Wolfgang Tillmans 


Jewellery Design

Kristy Shing Yan Fan

FAN_Kirsty_Shing_Yan_01-300x400.jpg FAN_Kirsty_Shing_Yan_02-300x400.jpg

webbing-300x400.png Screen-Shot-2017-06-06-at-4.08.33-pm_1250-300x400.jpg

Collection: I Crashed A Little Today | 2017

This collection began playing with memorable childhood toys and got inspired by the moment of car crashes that I dreamt of and wanting to illustrate it in the scale of toys; alien but familiar. Attempting to express one’s chaotic, post-apocalyptic mental landscape, to portray an abstract mental state, the duality we feel in relation to man-made accidents when experienced from a distance, as spectators. Contradictions also arise during the moment of crashing, physically and mentally; Apocalyptic but a little romantic, beautiful and abusive, like sharp smiles and fast cars, calm and chaotic. This is a humorous and absurdist collection, with crystal set by the toy cars themselves fixed into the pewter casting and toy cars melting. The juxtaposition of pewter with plastic, pearl and shiny crystal adds a surreal dreamlike layer to my work; as if our dreams to technologies seems like just our yesterday dream toys. Car crashes embody the literal collision between consumption and value; calling attention on man- made accidents, the product of industrialisation, while vehicles and toys being one of their products. Industrial and automobile components like webbings, chains, tyres, buckles, screws, roads and signs are referenced. Pewter is chosen as it is an industrial material, and casting is used because it is a process of mass production.


Sung Jin Park

three.jpg six.jpg

five.jpg 42_2006-w6.jpg

Kid Nostalgia | 2001-2005

These series of photographs portray to me a depth of sentimental feelings. I believe that when the viewer sees these, they can be reminded of the time they spent being a teenager through certain aspects such as embracing the nature around them.


Petra Collins


Series: The Teenage Gaze | 2010-15

Intimate portraits shot of teenage life



Photobook: Coming of Age | 2017

Offering an intimate and unmediated in-road into teenage life, many of Petra’s most celebrated shots depict young women as well as their bedrooms, their intense friendships, their fantastical attitude to clothing. Beginning with candids of her sister, Anna, and her friends, Petra’s evocative portraiture style soon gained momentum, striking a chord with young women (and sometimes men) worldwide. Femininity, feminism, identity and coming-of-age are all central themes, while her dreamy aesthetic takes its cue from vintage fashion photography. It is undeniably girlish, but also tough and at times even confrontational.

Pastel-hued coming of age images that provided a visual guidebook for a new generation of feminists. The Toronto-born photographer first picked up a camera at 15 but her career went into overdrive five years later when an image of her in a green bikini bottom was removed from her Instagram. In response, Collins wrote a now-viral essay that was published on the Huffington Post’s websitetitled “Why Instagram Censored My Body”. It was a moment that kicked off a moment as a wave of women surged forward to gain control over their bodies, particularly in the media. They demanded to be behind, and in front, of the camera. And Collins was leading the way.

One of the images from Collins’ essay, a discarded bra, now features in her retrospective book, Coming Of Age. Featuring 150 pictures, the photographer shows off shots with celebrities, such as Selena Gomez, Tavi Gevinson, Zendaya, Kim Kardashian, but also those images that she first became known for – her inclusive and representative pictures of women and their bodies. With a foreword from Laurie Simmons and an in conversation interview with Marilyn Minter, Collins preludes the book by explaining it is “extremely personal” but adds “I hope when you at it you can see yourself in it, too”.

The book is split into sections that mark out her life and career, such as “Family Album” (personal photos), “Bed and Bath” (Collins’ early works that focused on “quiet realities”), as well as various fashion shoots, “24-Hour Psycho” (her series on mental health) and “Home Again” (which details her return to Toronto).

Pictorial : W Korea Magazine

Daisy Illusive






August 2015 Issue

Creative Director: Min Hee Jin


'Daisy Illusive' portrays a youthful, laid-back and dreamy mood. 

the black-and-white palette providing a nostalgic feel while the colored picture gives off a soporific effect.  ‘love triangle’ scenario, as they pose with one another. The pictorial gives off a dream-like, ethereal atmosphere with a hippie style concept. 

Fine Art

Kazuhiro Hori

Image result for kazuhiro hori

Image result for kazuhiro hori 

Image result for kazuhiro hori

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Fine art

Marina Abramovic

Image result for marina abramovic Image result for marina abramovic kissing


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Image result for marina abramovic woman Image result for marina abramovic woman




Screenshot 2018-03-05 00.44.39.png Screenshot 2018-03-06 20.31.27.png 

Screenshot 2018-03-06 20.43.00.png Screenshot 2018-03-07 01.11.47.png 

Screenshot 2018-03-07 01.29.23.png Image result for boyhood ending

 Film written and directed by Richard Linklater | 2014

Related image ]

 12 year film production: 2002 - 2014


'Boyhood' depicts the childhood and adolescence of Mason Evans Jr. from ages six to eighteen as he grows up in (real time), Texas with divorced parents and his sister Vignettes. The movie is filmed with the same cast over the course of twelve years and captures: family meals, road trips, birthday parties, graduations and other important milestones events. 

Film analysis 

What’s interesting about ‘Boyhood’ was how the film production took a total of twelve years to film. Rather than the director, Linklater hiring different actors to play the role of the character 'Mason' as a child, teenager and young adult, the character is played by actor, Ellar Coltrane who grew up in real time.

The fact that there are no replacement actors illustrates a natural progression of character development and this makes the audience can experience seeing the character grow up in front of their eyes or feel as though they are watching their own life on screen in front of them. 

In my opinion, the movie is nothing's special. This is because the film only reflects on a general childhood and does not provide a deeper story. The director failed to reveal the deepest layers of how events shape our decisions and touch on what kind of people we become through the lack of substance and a narrative structure. There is not a character that goes through some kind of character change and minor changes they undergo are left obscure and there are no hints as to what brought about those changes. Overall, the entire film almost is a passive observation of this family's uneventful progression through the years.

Despite the film not being something spectacular or amazingly made, what makes it beautiful is how the once in a lifetime production implies to me that life isn't as lustrous as a lot of us think.

The idea of how life, most of the time is overrated. Life is ordinary and not something extravagant as what we view it to be making the film relatable to the audience and I believe this is what brings a real connection with the viewers.

Sometimes life is boring, that's the whole point. Personally, I feel that we, as human beings have to go through life regardless of the boring bits and that's what makes it amazing. Each small moment we think is insignificant turns into something wonderfully memorable. For some, the movie will remind the audience what happened in their own lives years ago and make them appreciate those good old times in the past that they can never experience again.

I feel this is quite important as it can change the perspective of living life and the mindset of experiencing life as a whole. 

What I learnt from this film?

In my opinion, I feel as though the concept/theme of time is really important,

For example, one scene during 2014 (near the end of the movie) is Mason's biological mother, Olivia and how she expresses time goes by very quickly. Mason has his life in front of him, (about to enter college to pursue his future) but Olivia feels she has nothing left to look forward to. How her life is rotting away and she has nothing to look forward to now but death. 

The time that is gone you never get back again. The theme time is a large emphasis and it made me feel as though in my project i wanted to create something that will make the wearer appreciate the time they have left. 


Key themes: 

Love, Conflict, Politics, Loss of innocence, Time & change in technology 

Timeline of Mason Evans Jr. :

2002 | age: 6 

Screenshot 2018-03-05 17.52.38.png Screenshot 2018-03-05 17.53.00.png

Screenshot 2018-03-05 00.46.24.png Screenshot 2018-03-05 00.59.23.png 

Mason and his friend sees explicit images of women in underwear. 

Mason's mother, Olivia who is a single mother argues with her boyfriend and complains about parenting. The idea of her children being her responsibility and how she wishes she could do typical self-enjoyment activities of women her age (mid twenties) such as having a drink.

2004 | age: 8

Screenshot 2018-03-05 01.07.08.png Screenshot 2018-03-05 01.09.23.png

 Screenshot 2018-03-05 17.51.43.png Screenshot 2018-03-05 17.50.09.png 

Mason's biological father, Mason Evans Sr. comes to visit both Mason and his sister Samantha and the siblings trying to impress  him through their achievements in school and daily hobbies.

Parents argue.


2005 | age: 9

 Screenshot 2018-03-05 17.47.48.png Screenshot 2018-03-05 18.12.34.png

Olivia (mother) re-marries her professor at university.

Family moves in with Mason's stepfather and his children and Mason now has a step brother and sister.

2006 | age: 10 

Screenshot 2018-03-05 19.12.18.png.3 Screenshot 2018-03-05 19.15.13.png.3

Screenshot 2018-03-05 19.21.42.png Screenshot 2018-03-05 19.21.37.png

The step father, Bill mistreats Mason by cutting his hair by force without asking for his opinion.

After Mason express his feelings to Olivia (mother), she goes to talk to Bill. Mason and his step brother come home and Olivia collapsed: Bill assaulted Olivia.

It seems like Bill's life is taken over by alcohol and he endangers the children at the dinner table.

Mason and his step brother go get money for Bill illegally after entering a shop that sells alcohol.

Olivia takes Mason and Samantha and leave as she's afraid of what Bill will do in the future.

The family moves.

2008 | age: 12

 Screenshot 2018-03-05 19.27.50.png Screenshot 2018-03-05 19.32.25.jpg

Screenshot 2018-03-05 19.34.36.png.1 Screenshot 2018-03-05 19.39.15.png 

Screenshot 2018-03-05 19.35.38.png Screenshot 2018-03-05 19.41.58.png

Pro Obama: Mason Sr. has Mason and Samantha go around the neighborhood putting on Obama/Biden signs for the upcoming presidential elections encouraging the public to vote for Obama as president of the United States of America.

Mason Evans Sr. learns that Samantha has a boyfriend and he warns her to not get pregnant by using contraception. First time Samantha is having a sex talk and both her and her father are embarrassed.

Mason also has a girlfriend and talks his troubles with his father, Mason Evans Sr. as they go camping and have a father and son bonding time.

2009 | age: 13

Screenshot 2018-03-05 19.44.31.png.6 Screenshot 2018-03-06 20.08.59.png.3

Screenshot 2018-03-06 20.10.20.png.2 Screenshot 2018-03-06 20.26.30.png

Mason gets bullied : a random boy purposely bumps into him in the male toilets.

Girl gossip, Mason's classmate, a girl talks about how her friend is self harming

Mason hangs with his friend's seniors and illegally drinks beer. His friend tells the story of losing his virginity and when the seniors ask Mason about sex, he lies saying he lost his virginity back in Houston before he moved to Texas.

2011 | age: 15

Screenshot 2018-03-06 20.36.26.png.1 Screenshot 2018-03-06 20.37.11.png 

Screenshot 2018-03-06 20.38.04.png Screenshot 2018-03-06 20.43.53.png

Screenshot 2018-03-06 20.47.28.png Screenshot 2018-03-07 00.43.32.png

Mason has experimented with marijuana and alcohol and comes home, his mother asks him if his been smoking and drinking to which he admits his done both.

After Olivia (mother) became a college lecturer, she re-marries her student, Jim and he becomes Mason's second step father. 

The family moves once again and repairs the house.

Biological father, Mason Evans Sr. has remarried with his girlfriend and has a baby (now Mason's step sibling)

Lady Gaga’s Telephone is a shock to Mason's step mother as she watches the music video.

Mason Evans Sr. gifts Mason's birthday present, a CD. Physical copy of a collection of songs from The Beatles.

Mason’s birthday party with his grandparents. 

2012 | age: 16

Screenshot 2018-03-07 00.53.48.png Screenshot 2018-03-07 00.54.02.png

Screenshot 2018-03-07 00.54.43.png Screenshot 2018-03-07 00.56.34.png

 Screenshot 2018-03-07 01.02.52.png Screenshot 2018-03-07 01.05.27.png

Mason gets told off by his photography teacher for not completing his assignment. He expresses his disappointment, how Mason has potential in the career and his future seems bright but because of his work ethic, Mason won't make it and questions what is it that he wants.

Technology development: Apple Macs are shown to be used int he classroom by photography students.

Step father, Jim questions Mason’s sexuality (sees that his nails are painted purple)

Mason comes home late from a party and gets told off by Jim for Mason's lack of respect and disregarding his rules.

Olivia (mother) and Jim separate and the family moves.

2013 | age: 17

Screenshot 2018-03-07 01.06.25.png Screenshot 2018-03-07 01.10.04.png

Screenshot 2018-03-07 01.10.28.png.1 Screenshot 2018-03-07 01.11.14.png.1

Screenshot 2018-03-07 01.12.38.png.1 Screenshot 2018-03-07 01.13.59.png.1

Screenshot 2018-03-07 01.18.26.png.1 Screenshot 2018-03-07 01.24.14.png

Mason knows how to drive a car.

Mason has a part time job as a dishwasher (his weekend and after-school job) whilst juggling high school.

Technology: Apple iPhone Mason owns a phone as he facetimes his biological father, Mason Evans Sr.

Mason has a girlfriend.

Technology: Facebook. Mason mentions deactivating his Facebook account and questions the digital way of living life.

Mason is uncertain about his future, and express how he wants to be free by always travelling with his girlfriend.

2014 | age: 18

Screenshot 2018-03-07 01.27.11.png Screenshot 2018-03-07 01.32.38.png

Screenshot 2018-03-07 01.35.56.png Screenshot 2018-03-07 01.41.33.png

Screenshot 2018-03-07 01.44.22.png Screenshot 2018-03-07 01.46.48.png

Screenshot 2018-03-07 01.52.31.png Screenshot 2018-03-07 01.53.31.png

  Screenshot 2018-03-07 01.55.06.png Screenshot 2018-03-07 02.00.01.png 

Mason recieves a scholarship in photography after winning an silver award in a photography competition.

Has a painful breakup with his girlfriend, she cheated on him with another boy at her college.

Mason graduates high school.

Biological father talks to him about the breakup, gives him life advice on how he should be responsible for himself.

The family move.

Mason leaves to go college. Mason has his life in front of him, but Olivia feels she has nothing left to look forward to. She breaks down and talk about her life is rotting away (time). Disillusioned by how quickly life has passed saying that she has nothing to look forward to now but death.

Mason meets his roommate and go hiking, there he meets a girl who he is attracted to and also and it seems like she feels the same way.

The movie ends with the both of them agreeing that rather than the term of how people seize the moment, the moment seizes them.  

Track analysis

Time - Pink Floyd


Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
You fritter and waste the hours in an off hand way
Waiting for someone or something to show you the way
Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain
You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today
And then one day you find ten years have got behind you
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun
And you run and you run to catch up with the sun, but it's sinking
And racing around to come up behind you again
The sun is the same in a relative way, but you're older
And shorter of breath and one day closer to death
Every year is getting shorter, never seem to find the time

Primary Research

Documentation of my birthdays | 2/10/1998


2002 | Age : 4

fullsizeoutput_560.jpeg fullsizeoutput_563.jpeg

              2014 | Age : 16                    2015 | Age : 17              

Screenshot 2018-02-23 19.47.15.png Screenshot 2018-02-23 16.57.09.png

   2016 | Age : 18               2017 | Age : 19



Aaron Siskind


Terrors and Pleasures of Falling | 

my thoughts on this was 


Image result for Pleasures and Terrors of Levitation 

Pleasures and Terrors of Levitation | 1953-1961 

Analysis of the concept on falling in the sky:

Levitated figures are suspended against a blank background in midair. devoid of context; it’s unclear whether they are falling or floating. These pictures are some of my favorite works of photography. exploring the dualities of human existence. 

Reaching the pinnacle of its ascent, the ball appears to remain motionless for a split second before descending, as if momentarily uncertain whether inertia or gravity will determine its fate.

Siskind's photographs, however, aren't intended as metaphors for the laws of physics, but as a visual representation of the duality of human cognition: the disparity that everyone experiences between one's inner thoughts and fears and the reality of the outer world.

Siskind combined, within one frame, the universal fear of falling with man's ancient quest for self-propelled flight, thus alluding to the balance we all must strike between striving for pleasure and avoiding the terror, between achievement and failure (the fear of falling becoming the fear of failing).

Some of Siskind's levitated beings appear to be floating, relaxed, as if engaged in a skydiver's free fall. The bodies of others are slightly more contorted, as if they've been pushed from a precipice. How well do these outer appearances jibe with the subject's inner sensation of pleasure or terror? Just as in ordinary life, it's impossible to know.

a person cannot simultaneously control the muscles of both face and limbs. Therefore, the sudden exertion required by jumping results in the subject dropping his self-conscious mask, thus revealing the true inner self.

Fine art

Yves Klein


Saut dans le vide/Leap Into the Void | 1960

Photomontage | Artistic action : Yves Klein | Photograph : Harry Shunk and Jean Kender

Klein's photomontage creates the impression of freedom and abandon through a highly contrived process and created a series of pictures re-creating a jump from a second-floor window that the artist, Klein himself approached himself. This leap was made from a rooftop in the Paris suburb of Fontenay-aux-Roses. On the street below, a group of the artist’s friends from held a tarpaulin to catch him as he fell, who were later edited out to create the illusion that he was capable of flying. More than half a century later, the photomontage become one of the great art clichés which explores the relationship between performance and the camera. Klein expanded his idea of the ‘theatre of the void’, an imaginary space where art and life could be merged. 

What I thought was interesting about this piece of art?

This image portrays to me the idea of jumping into adulthood, with nothing but their body there's a lack of protection and the individual can only hope they will land down safely. 


“People Begin to Fly” | 1961, from the exhibition “Yves Klein: With the Void, Full Powers,”

Primary Research


 Interviews: more focused questions

Based on young people's thoughts on the future adulthood


Interviewee 6: 'Choi'
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Country: Japan

Have you ever felt a sense of loss with your identity before, whilst growing up during the age of being 13 until now (age 18/19)?

Kind of? Not a complete lost, but a minor one since I grew up learning English in Japan. And in Japan not many people like foreigners so, it was kind of weird not being "Japanese enough" when I think Japan is my country.

Do you think this issue is common for teenagers to experience this certain emotion and if so, why?

I think it's common for teenagers to feel out of place, and lost. I think it's because we're constantly changing and that change can confuse us haha.

What are your thoughts on adulthood?

Umm it sucks to be an actual adult but it's difficult to say if someone is ready for adulthood or not. I personally want to stay 18 and study forever.

Do you have a fear for the future and if so, what and why?

I do have a fear for the future, specially because we all go to an arts university. I was constantly surrounded by teachers and friends who would tell me being an artist isnt a job. So all of that really hit me during high school. Now I'm much better, knowing that I have time to explore what I really want to do in London.

How does it feel knowing that the events in life, the next day are unknown: that the future events up ahead are unpredictable and full of uncertainties?

I think that just adds more fun to your life. Obviously it gets worse when horrible things happen in your life (like getting your wallet stollen) but I believe that things happen for a reason so I'm not scared to experiment and live life. I'll just deal with the things that happen later in my life, later.

If you had the opportunity to take a leap into the future, all of a sudden to become a adult, would you take it? If so, how would you feel? And if not, what would be the reason/s?

I wouldn't do that haha I want to stay as a kid. I like the life I live right now, I want to actually experience it, rather than just skipping to the results.

What do you think is essential or is needed to protect yourself in the future? (This can be objects, feelings or anything)

Ummmm this is hard, but the things I believe today, I want to keep them with me in the future. Like always knowing that things happen for reason. Honestly in the future, I just want myself and my family to be healthy and happy!!!

Interviewee 7: 'Egg'
Age: 19

Gender: Female
Country: England

Have you ever felt a sense of loss with your identity before, whilst growing up during the age of being 13 until now (age 18/19)?

Yes I did. I felt a sense of loss of identity when I was applying for university.

Do you think this issue is common for teenagers to experience this certain emotion and if so, why?

I think it is. Teenagers have the responsibility of trying to figure out their life at a young age but at this age we hardly even know ourselves so I think this can overwhelm a lot of us.

At the end of the day we just want to know who we are so we know what we want to do in life. Having to figure out what our future holds or what we want to do in life even before we get to know who we actually is very scary so I think a lot of teenagers strive to find out who they are hence resulting in a sense of loss of identity.

What are your thoughts on adulthood?

It's scary yet exciting but if I could I would love to be a kid forever.

Do you have a fear for the future and if so, what and why?

I do and I don't. I think everyone is scared of the future because well it's so unknown.

I think I'm scared of suddenly realising I'm old and looking back at my life not being satisfied. I'm not really scared of jobs or other things like that though as I know hard work will eventually pay off one day.

How does it feel knowing that the events in life, the next day are unknown: that the future events up ahead are unpredictable and full of uncertainties?

It's actually quite exciting. If I knew exactly what my future holds, I would be bored beyond my mind.

If you had the opportunity to take a leap into the future, all of a sudden to become a adult, would you take it? If so, how would you feel? And if not, what would be the reason/s?

NOOOO WAY. I want to push becoming an adult as much as I can. Being a kid is fun because you have enough responsibilities but not all the responsibilities to the point you feel overwhelmed. Adults seem boring in the sense that they overjudge others to the point where one can't even be unique it creative. They can't have their own style or they're labeled as "odd" or "she's stuck in the past" or something like that. I feel like I won't be able to be myself when I'm an adult. 

Interviewee 8: 'Mars'
Age: 19

Gender: Female
Country: Poland

Have you ever felt a sense of loss with your identity before, whilst growing up during the age of being 13 until now (age 18/19)?

This age group is very experimental and you don't know who you are....when I was sure, I had to, when I was being myself after the age of 16, I realised that identity grows with you, at times  you might feel lost and its because things are changing, not use to it and you don't know what to do. 

Do you think this issue is common for teenagers to experience this certain emotion and if so, why?

Yes because when you're experience a lot of things and it changes you and shapes you to become the adult you will become. But, adulthood no one knows. There's no manual, there are rules, but it is up to us to uhm, shape the best of us we can be. No one is there to guide us so that's why you feel lost. 

Do you have a fear for the future?


How does it feel knowing that the events in life, the next day are unknown: that the future events up ahead are unpredictable and full of uncertainties?

Within uncertainty I find comfort, knowing that the future is very malleable, I can control the future and it is what i make out of it so i can shape it myself gives me hope for realising my dreams. I know there is fear because there are thing you can't control..but there's lots of options.

It wouldn't be exciting scheduling all the events that will happen in my life. Going through life with uncertainty is what motivates me to try harder and do everything I can every day with the time limit given. Life should be full of surprises, not always being prepared is a good thing, if everything is'd be bored. 

If you had the opportunity to take a leap into the future, all of a sudden to become a adult, would you take it? If so, how would you feel? And if not, what would be the reason/s?

I'm legally an adult, but mentality i'm still a kid and I want to remain that way and freedom is taken away from adults in a way through responsibilities. I fear ageing, that's one factor. I do, fear missing out on milestones and...little things that you should experience at this young age. Age wouldn't define me, adulthood is very subjective. You can be young but very mature.

What do you think is essential or is needed to protect yourself in the future? (This can be objects, feelings or anything)

To protect myself in the future is know what is happening in society. Being aware of your surrounding in public, taking martial arts help. Going with your initiative is good. And brain, intelligence is key.

Interviewee 9: 'Bean'
Age: 19

Gender: Female
Country: England

Have you ever felt a sense of loss with your identity before, whilst growing up during the age of being 13 until now (age 18/19)?

Yes, specifically on innocence. 

Do you think this issue is common for teenagers to experience this certain emotion and if so, why?

I think when you're developing and maturing into becoming a young adult, to feel a sense of loss is normal. It's natural, no one knows what they want in life and the mistakes made, is a chance to grow. 

What are your thoughts on adulthood?

When you’re young, it's definitely i mean, you don’t know much. You don’t know how the world works. Being young, you’re reckless, I can do whatever and not think about consequences. Childhood and adolescence specifically the very young stages is like a playground. Life is like a game and unfortunately, the older I get the harder each level becomes. The older i get the more i see. The responsibilities, complications and hardships. I learn how to take care of myself and the idea of survival. Becoming a stronger and better individual that can stand on my own two feet in this world.

Do you have a fear for the future and if so, what and why?

Time passing. The time i waste i don’t get back is something that motivates me to work harder in my studies but ironically it affects my personal life. For example, not spending/appreciating my youth the way I should, I tend to constantly set my mind on work that I forget about what it’s like to relax. Moreover, the relationships I share with people or the relationships I could develop or the relationships I could of had. I feel guilty that I cant show that I appreciate people, i know that well since i’ve been treated the same (people don’t treat me the way I deserve to be treated). I find it difficult to express how i feel since i’m naturally awkward. No problems expressing myself in words but actions are a struggle.

Anxiety. Not making it. What I mean is, success. With a career i’m aiming for, theres so much uncertainty, all the decisions are very risk taking. In general, the future is unpredictable, unknown and full of uncertainties. Its something I worry about and is a concern that makes me stressed. “What if...this doesnt turn out the way i want or what if things don’t go my own way?” But I realised its about gaining self-confidence which I’m still working on. Hard work pays off. Eventually. I firmly believe in that. Perhaps it may not pay off the way I intended to initially but it pays off somehow, at least in some way.

How does it feel knowing that the events in life, the next day are unknown: that the future events up ahead are unpredictable and full of uncertainties?

The uncertainty makes me feel anxious...however if i knew or young people knew what their life was going to be like, ever step of the way there would be absolutely nothing to look forward to. The outlook and enjoyment of life would change the mindset and i think i would enjoy life much less. It's exciting, i think its nerve racking not knowing but it's also fun. Let's see what happens...kind of thing haha. 

If you had the opportunity to take a leap into the future, all of a sudden to become a adult, would you take it? If so, how would you feel? And if not, what would be the reason/s?

No, no...thats so sudden. I wouldn't be ready. It's like jumping out of a plane. Too scary! Oh my god, can't imagine...I want to have a chance on appreciating my youth and the time I have when i'm young much more. There's no rush, it's like a short cut and it's too daunting for me to skip all the experience or memories that shaped the destination. 

What do you think is essential or is needed to protect yourself in the future? (This can be objects, feelings or anything)

Genuine, strong, tough, wise and thoughtful mindset. Family, friends, food and money.

Interviewee 10: 'Curls'
Age: 19

Gender: Female
Country: England

Have you ever felt a sense of loss with your identity before, whilst growing up during the age of being 13 until now (age 18/19)?

Not until late teenager hood I felt sense of loss of identity, it mainly revolved around what I enjoyed most and the possible career routes for what I enjoyed. For me passion and talent were the major parts that made up my identity, and I struggled to find what I was passionate about as It kept on changing as I grew. 

Do you think this issue is common for teenagers to experience this certain emotion and if so, why?

It’s definitely a common thing amongst teenagers, as this is the period where they’re influenced the most with their surroundings part being social media, school, friends and family. This can cause teenagers to struggle to find where they should fit in and start to think about who they are and what makes them different to the world. Hormones during adolescence is always changing which can intensify the feeling of loss of identity. 

What are your thoughts on adulthood? 

Adulthood is about learning to accept yourself, change the things you don’t like in your life and continue progressing in your career and relationships. Overall, it’s a deeper journey of learning, exploring and understanding who you really are and deciding how you will impact the world.

Do you have a fear for the future and if so, what and why?

Yes, what I fear most is failure and not achieving my goals.  

How does it feel knowing that the events in life, the next day are unknown: that the future events up ahead are unpredictable and full of uncertainties?

It’s terrifying yet exciting at the same time, it’s like a rollercoaster ride. I feel like you should just accept the unknown and that whatever happens happen for a reason. When you look back at the past it will all make sense, so trust the unexpected.

If you had the opportunity to take a leap into the future, all of a sudden to become a adult, would you take it? If so, how would you feel? And if not, what would be the reason/s?

No, as the destination (adulthood) wouldn’t mean anything without knowing the journey. It’s like reading the last chapter of a book, you would not feel any emotion of relief or accomplishment as you haven’t understood the journey.

What do you think is essential or is needed to protect yourself in the future? (This can be objects, feelings or anything)  

People you trust because if you are in trouble you always have someone you can rely on to help you with your struggles. It’s also very difficult to find people you trust in adulthood, so the very few you find you should keep them, as they are also there to protect you from becoming insane, we are social animals after all. Healthy human interaction is a necessity for survival.

Interview analysis

What did I learn from this? 

I was curious and interested on young people's thoughts on what they would do, if they had the sudden opportunity to leap into adulthood, if they would take it. The majority of interviewees mentioned the idea of being 'a kid forever' i think, this is because there is a fear of change (new experiences) that creeps along when young teenagers grow up and develop into a mature adult. I believe this is specifically about going through change and a journey they wish to not take. They do not wish to jump into becoming a grown up immediately, the sudden event makes them feel anxious. This made me think more on what kind of narrative or story I want to portray from my outcome. 

Initially, I wanted to respond to the idea of innocence , such as touching on first love for example or by creating something that brings a light hearted and warm feeling and approach an aspect of comfort. This was through looking at research sources specifically on feeling young and touching on youth, for example photography by Petra Collins and Sung Jin Park along with looking at childhood objects such as meaningful toys. 

However, after looking at the concept, 'Coming of Age' in a broad approach and discovering a fascination with levitation through observing Yves Klein and Aaron Siskind, the idea of leaping into the future being a unknown space was what interested me the most. I thought perhaps I want to focus more on maturity. When the interviewees expressed the idea of being young forever, it made me think of keeping yourself in a box, a comfort zone. I feel as though, I still want to incorporate this comfort factor in the narrative of the outcome but make this comfort zone more challenging. What I mean is that I hope to create a outcome that not only reassures the wearer with facing the future but also challenge them into embracing adulthood and the change (new experiences) they will meet.

Fashion Design

Image result for pleated skirt 1960s Image result for pleated skirt 1960s 

Image result for pleated skirt 1960s 


Related image

Pleated skirts | vintage - 1960s

Fashion design

 Jaimee Mckenna

Image result for yves klein blue fashion csm  Image result for yves klein blue fashion csm

Related image Image result for yves klein blue fashion csm

Pretty in Pleats

Shushu Tong

IMG_3006 2.jpg IMG_3009.jpg IMG_3007 2.jpg
S/S 18 | 2018

Fashion Design

Susan Fang

Central Saint Martins BA Fashion 2015 Susan Fang

 they are experimental and completely free of boundary. Innovating from fabric, to silhouette, and movement. To form a entirely new visualisation for fashion and clothing.




Alexander Rodchenko

Related image Aleksandr Rodchenko. Dive (Pryzhok v vodu). 1934. Gelatin silver print, 11 11/16 x 9 3/8" (29.7 x 23.8 cm). The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Thomas Walther Collection. Gift of Shirley C. Burden, by exchange

Diver | 1934

Music videography | Stills

ONE - ‘해야해(heyahe)’ 



 Floating figures in motion

  Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 17.07.08.jpg.1

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 17.14.49.png

Director: VM Project Architecture | Beomjin

Art Director: MU:E










Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 17.07.08.jpg.1



 Stages of taking a dive and analysis on falling in the sea



Track analysis

Take The Dive

Lyrics: English song translation

My breath has stopped without me even realizing it
It was probably in that moment I found you
It feels as if countless coincidences
Have finally flowed into the ocean that is you
I will...
Take The Dive (x3)
The small bathtub feels oddly deep today
Singing na na na na na
Thinking of you, I’m falling
Take The Dive
I dream with open eyes
Now I draw the breath that is you
I was a small world when I met you
The wave that hit me back then
And that one smile of yours
Were more than enough to colour my colourless heart
I hesitate for a moment and then take the dive
Would you Take The Dive (x3)
Let me loose in the ocean that is you
Fill me with you alone
I want to know your sparkling surface
And the far side of your ocean depths


Analysis and the Different Interpretations of the Song:

 I chose to include this specific song because I felt the lyrics relate to the secondary research sources I found above. The song touches upon broad interpretations, but I believe the true meaning is related to depression.

Definitions of the statement 'Take The Dive'

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 20.13.16.png 

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 20.28.48.png

In sports, is a term used to fail in a sporting event on purpose. 

My interpretations on the meaning of 'Take The Dive'

I think one interpretation could be that 'Take The Dive' means accepting and embracing the feelings you have for someone with open arms. This is because the constant mention of the word 'you' shown in the lyrics illustrate that there is another person that possibly caused impact. 

'It feels as if countless coincidences | Have finally flowed into the ocean that is you'

'Thinking of you, I’m falling'

Freedom: the water is a empty space, i think this may personify how endless and open you're surrounding are.

Another interpretation and something that interests me the most is how the statement can also refer to taking a risk. Perhaps Kim is encouraging listeners to come out of their comfort zone and   

Another interpretation could be that 'you' refers to a voice that belongs to the dark character that lies within everyone. 

The track touches on depression and perhaps, suicide. Addressing the idea of suffocating in water, if you breathe in water you can't breathe and if water gets in your lungs you get sick and if you're in water for too long you drown. A possible meaning is the narrative is drowning or suffocating themselves. 

The singer, Kim Jonghyun committed suicide in December 2017. 

Primary Research: Eloise Hawser | Fine Art : Somerset House gallery

By the Deep, By the Mark

Primary Research: Leonor Antunes | Fine Art : Whitechapel gallery

IMG_1236.JPG.1  IMG_0870 2.jpg

What interested me about this exhibition was the ropes that hung from the ceiling and the attachments that were held in between the metal squares. After looking at Yves Klein's photomontage 'Leap Into The Void', I thought about what kind of components or objects would be needed to be worn by Klein who's taking the leap as a source of protection. 

Primary Research: Public Show | Fine Art : Whitechapel gallery

Exploring body movement

Fine art

Rebecca Horn

Rebecca-horn.jpg Image result for rebecca horn

Finger Gloves | 1972 & Arm Extensions | 1968 


Related image  

Mechanical Bodyfan | 1973–4

Related image

White Body Fan 1972

Related image

Horn's bodily extensions draw attention to the human need for interaction and control while also pointing to the futility of ambitions to overcome natural limitations. Similarly, her constructions, despite their medical imagery, are deliberately clumsy and functionless, while other works attest to the unacknowledged affinities between humans, animals and machines. While these works seem to offer an improvement to human capability, the resulting actions are often debilitating, grotesque, or, as in this case, functionless, serving only to draw attention to the limitations of the human body.

Horn’s machine evokes medical apparatus, though its function remains unclear.

"The performer is tied up on top of a glass container (more an aquarium), tubes surrounding his body. Blood pumps, slowly, circulated through the glass container through the plastic tubes; enclosing his body like a pulsing garment of veins forces the evolution of the motionless person into being an extension of the mechanism itself". - Horn
This focus on the human body took on a particular personal resonance for Horn, who was confined to hospitals and sanatoria for much of her early twenties after suffering from severe lung poisoning while working unprotected with polyester and fibreglass at Hamburg’s Academy of the Arts.

Mechanical Body Fan consists of a metal frame, designed to be placed over the shoulders of a female performer, which extends down her front and back, and is held in pace by straps passing around her waist and between her legs. Axels attached to this frame extend at right angles to her body in front and behind her, onto which are attached two fabric wings. When the performer is at rest, the wings hang down, but by shifting her weight, the performer can swing or fully rotate each of these fabric fans so that, viewed from either side, they form an infinite number of shapes between a half and a full circle.

What interests me about Rebecca Horn’s work is how her large scaled installation pieces showcase a sense of protection and adornment of the body.
Mechanical body fan is a two piece that i think is made to extend both the arms. The fan that can be opened and closed resembles to me the image of a flower and how the fan opening symbolises the stereotypical term for womanhood, a girl is represented by a bud and then blossoms into a lady with beauty, growth and maturity. In addition, the fan also illustrates something similar to a venus flytrap which emphasises         
In addition, the fan opening almost looks as though the wearer has wings and has the ability to fly. Looking back at Klein and Siskind’s photography of leaping figures,  

Primary Research: the umbrella

IMG_9587.JPG  IMG_8613.JPG.3

IMG_5609 2.JPG

Fine Art

Leonardo Da Vinci

Related image

Vitruvian Man Vector (L'Uomo Vitruviano) | 1490

Fine Art

Heather Hansen

Image result for Heather Hansen

Related image

Emptied Gestures | 2013


Photography | based on leviation

Natsumi Hayashi 

Image result for natsumi hayashi

Image result for natsumi hayashi

Fine art

Li Wei

Related image

Related image

Fine art

Simon Birch

Related image

Image result for simon birch artist falling